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Описание Intel

Product specifications

Form factorATX, 12” x 9.6”, 1U thermal optimized
Processor support

Support for one Intel® Xeon® 3400 Series Processor in FC-LGA
1156 socket package.
2.5 GT/s point-to-point DMI interface to PCH
LGA 1156 pin socket


Support for Intel® 3420 Platform Controller Hub (PCH)

Thermal solutionsIntel® Thermal Solution STS100 series
Intel® QuickPath Technology4.8 GT/s, 5.8 GT/s, and 6.4 GT/s

Up to two UDIMMs or three RDIMMs
16 GB maximum with x8 ECC RDIMM (2 Gb DRAM) and 16
GB maximum with x8 ECC UDIMM (2 Gb DRAM)

Memory RAS featuresChannel mirroring, demand scrubbing, patrol scrubbing and channel independent mode
Expansion slots

One PCI 32/33 slot

Two PCI Express* 2.0 x16 bus add-in card connectors

One PCI Express* 2.0 x4 bus add-in card connector

Two PCI Express* 1.1 x1 bus add-in card connectors

Storage6 SATA ports (3 Gbps) via ICH10R with Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology
RAID support

Enhanced: Enhanced Mode supports up to six SATA ports with IDE native Mode.
Compatibility: Supports up to four SATA ports [0/1/2/3] with IDE Legacy mode and
two SATA ports [4/5] with IDE Native Mode.
AHCI: Supports all SATA ports using the Advanced Host Controller Interface
SW RAID: Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II or Intel® Matrix Storage
Technology is selected by the SW RAID mode. The Intel® Embedded Server RAID
Technology II feature provides RAID modes 0, 1, and 10. The Intel® Matrix Storage
Technology feature provides RAID modes 0, 1, 10, and 5.4 ports full featured SAS/SATA hardware RAID through optional Intel®
Integrated RAID Module SROMBSASMR (AXXROMBSASMR), provides
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and striping capability for spans 10, 50, 60.

Integrated LAN2 x Gigabit Ethernet
Integrated graphics

Intel Server Board S3420GPV

Silicon Motion SM712GX04LF02-BA

Management hardware

The board has several hardware management
features including the following:

Fan monitoring and control

Thermal and voltage monitoring

Chassis intrusion detection

Management softwareIntel® System Management Software
Intel® Deployment Assistant